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CBD is hot! And often mis-understood. Earth’s Soothing Power is here to “de-mystify” and clarify what its all about!












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Cheri L., Mesa, AZ

After months of constant pain from Fibromyalgia and a recent knee operation, I tried Earths Soothing Powers sleep gummies because I also was on Lorazapam for anxiety and panic attacks at night. The sleep gummies allowed me to sleep sound through the night, thus no more panic attacks and I got off of the medication. Then I decided to give their oil a shot. After 2 weeks of consistent "under the tongue" dosing, my pain drastically diminished, I slept great because I were no longer in such severe pain, and I no longer relied on a nightly sleep gummy! I cannot begin to describe how I am moving around now and how happier I am!! Thanks Earth's Soothing Power!

Linda C., Florida

I really like your pain cream and sleep gummies. My sister is so pleased with the sleep gummies as I shared some with her and she slept all night and woke up at 6:30 a.m. which was great for her! Thanks so much!

Cora T., Indianapolis, IN

I am a 70-year-old female and an RN, who suffers from a variety of medical problems that robbed me of my stamina and energy. I ordered a Full Spectrum CBD oil from Earth's Soothing Power about 3 months ago and I am amazed that I have so much energy and am able to accomplish much more than I did before taking the product. I am so pleased with my results! I would encourage everyone to try this product, I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Kathy W.-Tennessee

I need a price on the 3,000mg Restorative CBD, in the white bottle.  It has helped my my son so much as he has tried so many other brands, local and national, and he said this is by "far" the BEST he;s ever had!  He is going to call Ron and thank him for recommending it to him as he said it is super high quality.  It has relly helped his agoraphobia, his nerves, his sleep, just his all around attitude!  He souded so good on the phone today, better tan he has in years!! He is going to place another order and I'm so happy


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